ChipCenter was acquired by EEProduct Center in the Fall of 2003.  Articles published there are unfortunately no longer available.  Below are updated/equivalent versions of some of those articles.


  1. There are so many different resistors available: wirewound, film, carbon, and so on. What are the main characteristics of each type of resistor, and where are they commonly used? (PDF File, 64 KB
  2. What does "ppm" mean? (PDF File, 10 KB)
  3. Capacitor Specifications/Glossary: ERS, Ripple Current, etc.  (PDF File, 650 KB)
  4. Can you help me make sense of capacitor specifications such as "NPO", "C0G", "Class I", and "Class II", that are used in describing capacitors? (PDF File, 60 KB)
  5. How are ceramic capacitors constructed? (PDF File, 75 KB)
  6. What is a Mica capacitor? (PDF File, 100 KB)
  7. What is a resettable (PPTC) fuse, and how does it work? (PDF File, 90 KB)
  8. Can you explain some of the terminology related to resettable (PPTC) fuses? (PDF File, 100 KB)
  9. What is a current mirror? (PDF File, 55 KB)
  10. With crystal oscillators, what do the terms "aging", "accuracy", "stability", and "precision" and so on, mean? (Link to IEEE site)
  11. What is the so-called "reverse recovery time" (trr) specification of diodes? (PDF File, 40 KB)
  12. What is a "noise diode"? (PDF File, 16 KB).
  13. What is the difference between a Zener diode and an avalanche diode? (PDF File, 146 KB)