Fall 2014
Electronic Circuits 55:041[ECE:3410]



Welcome the the course website for Electronic Circuits (ECE 55:041 [ECE:3410]) at the University of Iowa for the Fall 2014 semester. The instructor is Anton Kruger (A.K.) and the teaching assistant is (Bryan C. Senchuk ) (BCS).  We will publish his office hours and room location soon.

The textbook for the course is Microelectronics by Donald A. Neamen.  I use extensive PowerPoint presentations for lectures, and post PDF versions on the class website.  However, The PowerPoint presentations are my talking points, and in no way do they replace the textbook. Further, the PowerPoint animations are not in the PDF files.

Course policies and thoughts on working together on homework and lab assignments are here. Background expected: 57:008 Electrical Circuits, 57:018 Principles of Electronic Instrumentation, and 55:040 Linear Systems I. We cover the following major topics in this course:


The schedules for lectures, labs, and office hours are in the table below. Lectures are in 109 EPB, labs are in RM 2325 SC.   I will take my office hours in the lab, RM 2251 SC. You may also make an appointment to see me in my office in RM 523C SHL (this is in the Stanley Maxwell Hydraulics Laboratory).

Send comments regarding this website to: anton-kruger@uiowa.edu